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A whole day with nature's superheroes 

Perhaps one of Bornholm's best attractions for families with children and of course adults aswell One of Bornholm's more secret sights is Bornholm's Bird of Prey Show.

Get a unique and child-friendly experience, where both you and the kids get to know more about nature's heroes. 

One of our superheroes is the parrot. Did you know that it bites twice as hard as a shark?

Or that an owl can catch a mouse 30 meters away - even if the mouse runs under a thick layer of snow?

Or that a vulture has a stomach acid that is so strong that it can etch away bacteria that we humans would get sick of?

At Bornholm's Bird of Prey Show, we want to show you the animals' superpowers.  We do 4 shows every day, where you can both taste insects, stare into an owl's icy gaze and learn what a hen has in common with an eagle and the flying dinosaurs.Our main attractions are of course the birds.  

But this year we have expanded with even more superheroes. You meet e.g. the world's strongest constrictor snake, turtles that can grow to be 188 years old, spiders the size of a dinner plate and the world's largest insect. 

Once the entrance is paid, you get access to all the day's shows.In addition, you can pet our goats and sheep, and play on our large playground. Everything is included in the entrance.

Here is fun for both big and small.  As something completely new, you can also shoot birds (with a ball) on Bird Track.  97% of our guests are fully satisfied with their visit to us and we are number 3 of Bornholm's best attractions on TripAdvisor. We are very grateful for that.